Why to Cycle in Barbagia

Most of Efix’s cycling tour takes us on a mountainous area of Sardinia: Barbagia. This mountainous region is located in the province of Nuoro and it is commonly one of the most unbelievable and hidden part of this beautiful region. Here are some of the top reasons why we visit this area and why it should be a popular stop for bikers:

The beautiful mountain ranges: the urban centers and villages in Barbagia are separated with carved out roads as well as beautiful mountains on either side. Imagine being able to bike along with the sea on one side and wonderful mountain ranges on the other. The beautiful views make the riding even better and behind many of the mountains and in some of the ranges there are untold treasures in folklore, food and wine.

The magic of Gavoi: this village in the middle of Sardinia is one of the main stops along the way. This town overlooks the lake of Gusana which is a natural stop for us. In this area cyclists can visit the San Gavino Church which is on of the most sacred Roman church in the region, as well as beautiful architecture and murals from the area.

The murals of Orgosolo: this town is known for its unique political murals and traditional artwork. This is one of the stops along our cycling tour and a joy for many of our tour participants. Not only you can explore to find some of the largest murals in the town but this is an excellent place to enjoy a wonderful dinner as well.

For some of these reasons and more you will really love this unconventional cycling experience in Barbagia, an area rich in hidden treasure to discover!

Cycling in Orgosolo



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