How to organize the first trip by bicycle? Part Two

Have you already done the first trip? I’m sure it was fun… but beware: there is a high probability that you have developed a new addiction 🙂 Fortunately, it is much healthier than many others!

But now it’s time to list the things that did not work, or those things that would have been useful but you had not brought; In this way, small steps, you can perfect your travel kit and mindset of travel cyclist.

We see for example the three points of the previous article:

Wine touring on bikes1) The bicycle

This could be the most critical point: you’ll surely find many small things to improve. For example, one of the first problems often relates to the saddle. If you are not used to it, a full day by bike will leave “a mark” on your lower back. It’s normal; with more regular use after a few days you will form a corn and no longer feel any pain. If the problem persists, you probably have a saddle that is too hard, or not suitable for you. Replace it with a new one: so as not to spend too much, look for one for use when hiking or cycling, with gel inserts, centre hole medium-wide seat; you can find them for about twenty or thirty euro for economic models, and up to a hundred for those more advanced. Unfortunately it is a very subjective matter, and there isn’t a “better” saddle, you’ll have to find one that suits you.

Other “physical” problems can arise if you do not properly set the handlebar height or the seat itself: in this article are some basic tips. Or read this article on the features that a good travel bicycle should have.

2) The baggage

If your trip was short, you’ll notice that you do not need so many things. But my advice is to immediately write a complete list of things to bring along on a trip; you can write it in a notebook, or even better in a document saved on your computer, much easier to upgrade gradually as you define it.

Divide it into categories: clothing, personal care, and maintenance tools, electronics and accessories, camping and cooking (if you are equipped). It is a very useful tool for traditional travel, helps you to pack the case quickly and without the risk of forgetting anything: As you enter things into the bag, strike it from the list.

It is Important to review this luggage checklist after each trip, removing things that were not used and instead adding those required, judging according to experience just passed. In this article you will find some basic tips to start creating your list.

3) The destination

If the trip was not satisfactory, perhaps the route was not suited to the bike, or maybe the roads were too busy or not scenic. It is very important to plan well like this: take a cue from other travellers and read the information available on the net. Knowing how to read maps is an absolutely great thing to learn! Often the most direct route with less curves will be the busiest, while the crookedest could be more beautiful, but also harder from an altimetric point of view. The path chosen, however, will completely change your perception of the whole trip.

Finding a good path but having too little time is just as bad. Trying to strive to get to the destination at all costs never leads to a pleasant trip 🙂 The bicycle takes time, it is not a car and we are not in a race …

The possible destinations are almost endless! After exploring your surroundings, you will want to expand your horizons and see new places from a different perspective. If you want something different, very scenic route and a taste of a great culture and food, take a look at the Efix’s Ride Sardinia route page. Click HERE!

Tomba dei giganti - Barbagia
Tomba dei giganti – Barbagia




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