Cycle tourism: the perfect cycling holiday

Nowadays, there is much talk about cycling. Yes, but why should I spend my holidays cycling? Today, we provide valid reasons that will encourage you to consider choosing a first short cycling holiday and, why not, Efix’s Ride Sardinia as your next cycle tourism experience.

Despite the lazy tourists and sceptics, many fans consider cycling holidays the best way to travel. The reasons are many, from an ethical point of view traveling with zero impact, without damaging the environment, plus the body benefits from it: it stimulates blood circulation, heart beat … If you are in perfect shape and care nothing about the environment in which you live (inconsiderate!), here are the reasons for choosing a cycling holiday!

Slow Tourism

Have you ever heard about Slow Tourism? Recently, this way of traveling has become a real trend. Those who travel by bicycle stand in sharp contrast to the tourists who “touch-and-go”, and this does not happen for the duration of the stay, but how you reach the goal. Cycling allows you to enjoy your holiday from the journey. With cycling holidays, it does not count only the destination, but the whole journey: from the point of departure to your destination, you can add many interesting stops.

Great Destinations

Cycling holidays are not only those close to home. A nearby destination can be a good starting point to learn how to plan trips by bike, but you can travel throughout Europe or even go to Asia or New Zealand, and you should consider traveling with Efix’s Ride to discover hidden treasures of Sardinia!

Active holiday

A bicycle tour will enable you to learn a lot about the culture of the places you visit. This is the Mission at Efix’s Ride Sardinia: discover and learn Sardinian’s culture, food, and wine. The right combination to immerge into an amazing world!

Multiple experiences

A cycling holiday must be experienced. Traveling by bike with Efix means full immersion into the “taste” of different types attractions, cultural events, food, wine, and stunning scenery.

Cycle tourism



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