An Amazing Cycling Tour in Sardinia

Cycling is one of the greatest ways to wind down after a stressful day or working period. Cycling events and tours are a good way to interact with fellow cyclists either for a good cause or to simply wind down. In the Italian island of Sardinia, cycling tours are one of a kind.

Sardinia has sun kissed beaches, that stretch for over 2,000 kilometers and it has mountainous terrain crisscrossed with hiking and biking trails. The island hosts one of the most spectacular cycling tours in the world, and attracts cyclists from around the world.

Here is what Efix’s cycling tour in Sardinia entails.

Beautiful Scenery

The cycling tour starts from the beautiful Galtellì near the beach. As the tour progresses, one experiences beautiful scenery that brings out the magic of the Mediterranean. From the mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins that resemble beehives, to incredible landscapes as one rides between the villages of Fonni, Sarule, Orgosolo, et al.

cycling tour sardiniaCultural Events

The cycling tour has five stages encompassing an entire week. After the morning ride, for the seven days that the tour takes, the participants get to enjoy folkloristic and cultural events.

Wine Tasting

Participants in the cycling tour Sardinia, get the opportunity to go wine tasting. Italy is the wine capital of the world and the Efix,s Ride Sardinia tour incorporate wine tasting activities of the best wines from the local and unique vineyards.

Traditional Food

Italy is also world renown for their cuisine. Through Efix’s Cycling tour in Sardinia, one will get to taste the best of the freshly prepared cuisines through the traditional methods. For those interested in learning about the traditional forms of Italian food preparation, this is the best chance to get involved in the cycling tour of Sardinia.

Efis’s Ride Sardinia 2017

The 2017 edition of this amazing cycling tour in Sardinia will kick off in May with participants’ pickup point being the Olbia airport on 7 May 2017. There will be van transport from the airport to Galtellì. The tour will involve assistance from local cyclists during the entire period of the tour, an equipped van for emergencies in case of any emergency along the way or just to carry cyclist’s companions.

Participants will enjoy to breakfasts, lunches, supper and dinners, accommodation for six nights, cultural events, wine and food tasting, and the tour will end on 13 May 2017 with a van ride to Olbia airport, for the flight back home.

Don’t miss this exciting change to discover the hidden Sardinia’s beautiful scenery and magic culture. Book Now!

* picture by Håkan Dahlström



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