A Wine Ride in Sardinia

Well landed on the bike tour which brings together a passion on cycling, culture and the culinary arts. Get a taste of the best flavors from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, from the right choice of products to wine tasting, to the preparation.

For this cycling tour in Sardinia, tourists are going to taste refined Sardinian olive oil and of course the cheese and wine tasting especially the renowned Sardinian cooking. While cycling, you will pedal in amazing scenery and experience the spectacular sites like the mountain range and the hilly region named Marmilla.

After you have feel an appetite, Efix’s Cycling tour Sardinia is surely going to feed you well. You will have a dining-out experiences that ranges from simple to family trattoria, at an elegant restaurant. When you come back to your hotel, your will surely feel inspired not just because of the new recipes you have learned, but also the enthusiasm in cultivating the lessons you have learned in this lifestyle.

Efix’s Ride Cycling Tour in Sardinia and wine tasting is probably the most fun you have ever had on a bike. The long wait is now only a taste away. You can now pedal to the heart of Sardinia to see for yourself the traditions and wine tasting that contribute to Blue Zone Status and the record number of the centenarian inhabitants.

As you cycle up the appetite, you can have a taste of the fresh Mediterranean flavors from the traditional delights. You will also be able to get a taste of different dishes from Sardinia tasting every fresh meat and fish with exquisite and delicate flavors and locally grown greens. Savor the great taste of the local olive oil and do not hold back for a cheese and wine tasting for this cycling tour.

This is indeed a perfect tour for people who are looking for both fun and adventure of biking around Sardinia with an easy going and more relaxed wine tasting experience.

From your hotel in Sardinia, a van is going to pick you up and will take you to one of the most wonderful and spectacular areas in Sardinia where your cycling tour Sardinia wine tasting will start.

Another advantage you will get is that you can also feel free in purchasing items while you are on your way. Since you are cycling with a van, they will be more than happy to carry all of your souvenirs on your way to hotel. Moreover, you will also love the truly delectable lunch which features the local products and wine pairings that you can find in the area. What’s more? Well, you are about to see a breathtaking view.

At the end of the tour stage, you are going to reach a new hotel your hotel by a guide after the cycling, eating, wine tasting, and of course, touring. At Efix’s cycling tour in Sardinia and wine tasting, you will surely have a great time and you will enjoy every minute while you’re at it.

Sardinia Wine Tour



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