Tour sponsored by Comune di Galtellì
and organised by Beyond Thirty-Nine, Società Ciclistica Pedale Nuorese and Travel Motus
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Sardinia has a long history of being subject to impressions. The Greeks called it Ichnusa, or footprint — when Zeus created the earth, he gathered the leftover pieces, threw them into the sea, and stepped down hard: voilà, Sardinia. Intruders have been leaving their footprints ever since: Phoenicians, Romans, Pisans, Catalans, billionaire yachtsmen, crabby and indolent writers. And yet somehow it has retained its thorny, intransigent particularity — ‘lost between Europe and Africa, and belonging to nowhere,’ as Lawrence put it. It’s that very betweenness, at once central and marginal to history, that drew him. It will drew us, too.

And zooming in on Sardinia, Barbagia, like a human heart, is set slightly on the left of its body, closer to the northern part than the southern. Corresponding to the bay of Orosei, the big round bay we can see on the eastern coast, but without any contact with the sea — Barbagia is a landlocked region, mountainous and impervious, hidden and rough.

An Epic

Our epic journey will start from Galtellì, a beautiful village set at the border of the Barbagia, near the sea. The ride will discover the magic of Barbagia, pedalling from the chief town Nuoro to other wonderful villages like Mamoiada, Orgosolo, Fonni, Gavoi, Sarule, etc., crossing incredible landscapes and returning to Galtellì at the end of the week. There will be 5 stages. After the morning ride, each day in the late afternoon we will enjoy cultural and folkloristic events, culinary and wine-growing traditions, and in the evening special sardinian dinners.


Beutiful areas! I met several of their friends & had a blast meeting all these Sardi people who were so friendly & kind. I saw their customs, food, friendship among them. I also saw their kindness as they took me around showing me Sardinia. On my own or with them I met multiple people who were always willing to help me with anything I needed.

I loved their current cities, museums, churches, Nuragic ruins, history, food, beaches, wines, mountains, nature, trails, sheep & goats in the streets & the multiple birds, etc, but overall I fell in love with the people.

So, it was good that I experienced Sardinia on my own first because next year I want to come back for 3 weeks and with now much better knowledge on what to expect…

Yet, this is the beauty of experiencing Sardinia!!!

This was one of my best trips ever!!

Laila Bremner

all inclusive

The price includes: pick up from Olbia airport; transport to Galtellì by van; the assistance during the ride by a team of local cyclists and by an equipped van for every event and need (and also to transport possible accompanying persons); breakfasts, lunches and dinners; accomodation for six nights; events; wine and food testing; at the end of the tour transport from Galtelli to Olbia and drop-off at the airport.

Explore and Enjoy the
Heart of Sardinia

Bike & Food & wine & culture



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